A short..

… warning to all living in the UK especially in Somerset. There is a house to rent on Cresswell Ave. Number 20. This house is let by a person with the name Nicky Hughes from Trull in Somerset. Be very careful if you rent this house. It seems a sort of a fraught scheme. She rents the house out for a big price and makes sure everything in the house is the cheapest you can get. When the next renovation is due because of the rental agreement, she will through you out for a ridicules reason and she will claim you did a lot of damage to the house. She never will do anything to the house regardless how shabby it looks and she keeps the deposit. Another very important fact is, there is asbestos in the house and in the garage. She knows this but she will let the house anyway.
Since the tenant in the UK has no rights at all, lets make this a forum for all of us who got bad experiences with landlords. Maybe we can even start a new website like “TripAdvisor” and call it “Rentadvisor”. There are so many unlawful things in English Tenancy Law and this would be the chance to change this. A tenant agreement for example forbids the tenant to drill hole into walls to hang pictures or other decorations, which is against human rights in our opinion. A landlord can through you out within two month even if you have lived there for fife years which is unacceptable in a modern society. A landlord can ask a tenant to live like in a cave and even if he keeps the house like a cave, you as a tenant would not have the right to withheld rent. So again lets stand up against greedy landlords have your say, start here your comments will be read.