OK Folks…

I’m not quite sure whether all your comments are without the intention of just getting traffic to your own websites. But what the heck, I leave them as they are.

Watching BBC last night made me smile. Is it not funny to see the British media in a big struggle when they try to transmit a picture of David Cameron as a world leader and not as Obamas poodle. Don’t worry I’m not saying the British leader looks or acts like Blair I’m only wondering how rhetorical poor he comes over when he talks. It always gives you the feeling, he is trying very hard to be a statesman an important figure in politics and maybe in history but he fails miserably and produces the picture of (to put it into Max Keisers words) a little spoiled school boy with a toy in his hands which is to big for him. And maybe that’s the whole dilemma of Great Britain everybody still sees the country as a big world superpower as it was decades ago but in nowadays harsh reality it is merely a power at all. No big industry in British hands any more, still a big military but in a shape which is best described as an old man hardly able to hold a gun and now facing the fact that the country is going to be financially downgraded. So lets BBC and the other media bath themselves in the feelings Britain is the most important partner of the USA and lets them indulge the British people with pictures of the American first Lady together with the English first Lady (whoops, she can’t be the first Lady that place is taken by one with a crown so let us call her second first Lady), because it makes them feeling good at least for the time being.

As always thanks for reading, have a nice day, a good evening or a good night.