Stourhead (English Version)

Not far away from Mere in Wiltshire you will find this estate and mansion. It is owned by the National trust since 1946. The Stourton family lived here for 500 years but when they lost their wealth of the family sold the house to Sir Thomas Meres it was sold only three years after again to a wealthy bankers son in 1717. His name was Henry Hoare and he ordered to demolish the house and build a complete new one first of this kind. It remained with his family until 1946 when it was sold to the national trust. The house was almost destroyed in 1902 but almost completely rebuild.
The lake in the gardens is an artificially created site and the path around it is supposed to remind the walker on Aeneas descent into the underworld. We will find quotes this mythic journey in the temples around the lake.
The house is richly decorated and contains huge library. It gives the visitor the feelings in the house is still occupied and someone might live in here. It is an attraction worthwhile to see and gives us a feeling of the life wealthy people lived in those days.