Talking Under Water

Do you ever watch Discovery Channel or one of the similar kind of Programs. Yeah you know what I mean the Channels where the main person always (and I mean it) always does something dangerous. Yesterday for example I saw that show where a team of (I have to put that word into inverted commas) “scientists” dived literately into a hole allegedly full of toxic waters. They mentioned the danger of that enterprise just in the beginning of that show more then 10 times. As a former diving instructor I asked my self where was the risk assessment. If it’s so fucking dangerous don’t do it. Just simple, the most simple rule in diving. But that is not what pisses me off most. It is the fact, that they start talking under water. Not enough that we have to to listen to all that rubbish they talk on land. Now we have to listen to all that bullshit when they under water. Most important of course the danger they are in the whole time. And, in this case it was a woman, her shriek, when she saw all that red water implicating the toxic. Her shriek under water in the hole gave me the creeps. Her shriek Into that microphone in her helmet. In that moment I whished to be there, grabbing her by the neck, shaking her, telling her: If you don’t know how to do a risk assessment, if you don’t know nothing about diving and if you don’t know anything about talking in a normal way, shot the fuck up, go home and do a program about dolls or getting children or cooking or whatever the fuck, but never ever try again something which involves risks! So, my advice is: Don’t watch this sort of programs unless you are stupid like the guys who shoot this rubbish.