The Falkland Celebrations

My new little friend who is called Charles is coming of age now and he should follow his responsibilities in making sure that I always talk about English affairs in a politically correct manner. Of course as an aristocratic pug he was not very amused yesterday evening when we watched on BBC that celebrations for the 30. Anniversary of the liberation of the Falklands. Me neither I have to say.
30 years ago I lived still in Germany and my friend an English soldier was called to the Falklands to fulfil his duty. It was Maggie’s s time and we all used to sing along to “Maggie’s Farm”. As Germans we could not understand why Britain was clinging to a group of islands 8000 miles away from home which was claimed (in our eyes rightfully) by the Argentinian government. Lots of speculations about rich oil fields were passed around and everybody was certain that the British just defended their rights to those resources.
Now 30 years later living in England and seeing the financial problems this country has it is even harder to understand why the British indulge themselves in a pile of wind rain and snow beaten rocks in an area of the world which has nothing to offer but high costs in keeping it going. Maybe it is the oil of Antarctica but Britain would pay a high price for some barrels they can’t be sure of because the technology to get that oil out of the ground may never be cost effective. So it seems that the reason for clinging so stubbornly to these stormy islands might be found more in the realm of prestige, misinterpreted prides and pure arrogance of the fact that we live in a different world and not in those days when England still was an empire. But what I now understand after this 30 years is the fact that the English governments and their press and television stations know very well how to play the public in giving them something like this celebrations with all of the remembering, with all the tears with all the blah blah blah about a strong nation which is able to defend and protect something so far away.
And all the British are celebrating happily while big chunks of money are thrown out of the window, they happily celebrate when their taxes increased again, when schools have two suffer, when there is no sufficient infrastructure for a modern transport system, they celebrate when their one and only NHS is going to be changed to an unrecognisable system they never wanted. But this might be the fate of this nation to go down, to go down with a lot of pride and arrogance.