there are things in live you can’t foresee like an illness or a win in the lottery and you can be hit hard by such an event. You can lose a friend or you can win an enemy within days or sometimes within minutes. The shock after something like this is happening is all the greater if you never really took care about your friendships, if you never asked your self whether you had some opponents or if you (as it is with this sort of things) played the lottery without the belief you would ever win. But if you are a politician being in a group of other politicians (it does not matter whether they are friends or woes) you can not come up with the excuse “oh sorry but we could not see this was going to happen”. Especially not when you were the source of the surprise. As Max Keiser in his Keiser Report put it the konservative Lib.dem. coalition acted again like a bunch of schoolboys when they realised a crisis may come. The tried to over shout each other with warnings about petrol shortages and to make things worse they came up with the idea of what we call in Germany “Hamsterkäufen”. Yes they were stupid enough to tell us to be greedy. “Go out there and buy as much petrol as you can, even store it”. That was the message they sent out. And as the English are: an old society of pirates and smugglers they take their leaders by their words and plundered all petrol stations nation wide. This would have been nothing really surprising but the reaction to what they have done later that was the real surprise. All the finger raising, all the mentioning “It could have… and it would have and it should have”. Guys that’s not good enough, that is poor government even less than that. And to keep it in Max Keisers terms: Sit down and write 500 times “I should be more careful shame on me”. But as it always is this guys although at the moment they stand there with their fingers up their nose, will be playing the big leader once again when this crisis is over. And with their behaviour they will make us forget what happened in March 2012.